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  1. Hmm… well, they’re beautiful images. But (at the risk of transgressing into blasphemy here) if it weren’t for Miranda, how is this any different or better than any of the Fine Art Nude work being done by amateurs on Model Mayhem every day? She is beautiful, and the poses are spot on… But it’s really simple lighting, and just the right amount of post-production. Sorry to be such a curmudgeon, I never was that blown away by Russell James. His work exists largely based on the beauty of the models he shoots, not on technical or creative merits. There are photographers doing more sophisticated work out there…

  2. dear yoram, art is not based on technic but on the vision you have of the people you shoot
    and before having the confidence of people such as mirranda, you need to be so creative that you don’t need to have thousand of lights etc…

    1. I like your work a lot better than Russell James’. I didn’t make my point clearly enough… I don’t care about light or technique. But I always look at images and wonder if there is anything special beyond the beauty of the subject. In his case, I don’t see that.

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